Juhani Anttila
Venture Knowledgist Quality Integration
Helsinki, Finland



Quality integration implies professional quality activities integrated with business leadership and management. Quality activities aim at enhancing organization's business effectiveness and efficiency. Quality integration relates to quality management (QM) and quality assurance (QA) principles, tools, and practical solutions (procedures) especially covering subject areas considered within the internationally recognized ISO 9000 standards and performance excellence models (quality awards criteria). Understanding principles of the modern professional and world-wide quality approach belongs to the basics of the business management. The programme includes a profound basis of knowledge, practical tools, and examples from different kinds of organizations.

Participation in the training

Business managers and experts. 


E.g. one day but different options available for training sessions according to the needs.


As agreed


Juhani Anttila, Venture Knowledgist Quality Integration, and accompanied with selected partners if needed


Finnish or English

Training of a comprehensive and flexible range of different themes is available, including:

1. Performance, quality and excellence of integrated management systems
2. Successful organizational management
3. General references for the quality of management
4. Systematic and comprehensive approach to the strategic and operational management
5. Management of product quality
6. Quality in process management
7. Quality assurance for confidence among stakeholders
8. Impacts of the new business environments
9. Knowledge aspects in management
10. Evaluation and improvement of performance and management
11. Organizational learning

Training may be tailored to specific needs, and applied as singular sessions or as training programs. E.g. different approaches are used for organizations just starting their quality journey and organizations interested in “rehabilitating” or strengthening the existing quality approach. Different training means may be used. Also individual or team exercises may be included in training sessions.