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"You can't solve a problem on the same level you created it."
"A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."

- A. Einstein




Integrated QM model


Process management

Quality assurance

Supplier management

Quality expertise

Quality awareness








Clear understanding of the guiding ideas and basic principles of the QM (Quality Management) and QA (Quality Assurance), effective and efficient management infrastructure, and appropriate tools are needed for quality realization in any organization. Thereafter in practical business environments and situations arouses a lot of case-wise aspects and details to be considered. These may relate to items such as:
- ISO 9000, international standards for quality management and quality assurance
- Business excellence models and self-assessment methodology
- Quality of business leadership and management
- E-business and quality, e-quality
- Change management
- Quality of product and quality in product development
- Quality costing
- Quality in project management
- Benefits of the quality investments
- Quality in customer service
- Customer feedback and satisfaction
- People (employee) issues and quality
Quality training and education
- Quality and knowledge management
- Quality of information
- Statistical methods
- Quality documentation
- Quality and information security
- Best practices
- Quality in business communication
- Competing expert disciplines for quality management
- Quality management and assurance tools
- Quality of society or local communities
- Quality and company culture
- Quality of life
- Quality philosophy and thinking
- Transcendental self-assessment

Understanding and knowledge on these topics can be found from international experiences in general and in organizations of different business branches including public civil service organizations and the third sector organizations. Experiences emphasize especially challenges on top management level (executive teams) and at the level of quality managers and experts (through expertise networks).



Juhani Anttila