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"You can't solve a problem on the same level you created it."
"A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."

- A. Einstein




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Juhani Anttila
Academician (IAQ)
Venture Knowledgist, Quality Integration

Quality issues are always based on personal conceptions and feelings. Even quality leadership represents and requires always opinions. And this is how it should be! Very relevant are the opinions of company leaders and other influential persons at the national level, because those opinions have the best possibilities to be realized. And person's own developmental foundations and awareness have a strong impact on his / her understanding and behavior regarding quality at the present time, and that correspondingly influence on the decisions and actions to enter the future. Quality issues are not objective, not even at a meta-level.

On these web pages of Quality Integration I have presented my insights, beliefs, and ideas on quality integration. That is based on my experiences from my own work history and cooperation with a lot of significant people and organizations world-widely. On this particular page you may find some information on me for this context.

As a keynote speaker in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia (September 2015)


Juhani Anttila

Mailing address: Rypsikuja 4, FIN-00660
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7246 981,

Mobile phone:
+358 (0)400 411 635
Skype: juhanian

Social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Ecademy, Plaxo,
Xing, etc.

I have several e-mail addresses depending on the purpose and my activity role as follows:
1. As a member of Telecon Experts Community
(the preferred e-mail address):

- juhani.anttila@telecon.fi

2. As the independent expert - Venture Knowledgist(*) of Quality Integration,
- e-mail: juhani.anttila@QualityIntegration.biz
- Internet home page:
- w
eblog: http://qiblog.blogspot.com
3. Extra e-mail address, e.g. for very big multi-MB messages:
- juhani.anttila@gmail.com
4. E-mail address as an alumnus of the University of Helsinki:
- juhani.anttila@alumni.helsinki.fi


Mr. Juhani Anttila - Venture Knowledgist(*) Quality Integration

I am living in Helsinki, Finland. I was studied at the University of Helsinki and graduated at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) in 1967 (M.Sc. - E. Eng. , Telephony and  Electronics), and completed General Management Programme for Specialists at Cranfield University School of Management, UK in 1997. I have been International Academician for Quality (Member of the International Academy for Quality, IAQ) from 1995 and a Member of the Board of Trustees 2012-2014.

I have has been professionally involved more than 50 years with different quality related tasks and positions, and during that period worked 35 years for the leading Finnish telecommunications service operator, Sonera Corporation (earlier Posts and Telecommunications of Finland and Telecom Finland Inc. and later TeliaSonera Finland).

I have been broadly involved with national and international standardization of telecommunications systems, information security management, and quality and dependability management, e.g. from 1980 I have been an active member of the international standardization committee ISO TC 176 (standards for quality management and assurance) and of the corresponding national committee in Finland. I have been a member of the various drafting groups for the ISO 9000:1987, 9000:1994, 9000:2000, ISO 9000:2008/9, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9004:2018 standards. I have served as an expert of telecommunications and quality / reliability in many national and international projects including some developing countries. 1990-94 I was the chairman of the criteria committee of the Finnish National Quality Award, and in 1993 Assessor of the European Quality Award (EFQM).

I was many years from 1970's to 90's as board member in the Finnish Society for Quality (now Excellence Finland, a full member of EOQ, European Organization for Quality), 1984-87 President of the Finnish Society for Quality and from 1998 Honorary Member of the Society. Recently I was many years as the chairman of public service quality sector of the Excellence Finland. Several years I was the responsible expert for international contacts of the Finnish Society for Quality including EOQ General Assembly and bilateral scientific-technical cooperation between Finland and some other countries. 1994-96 I was Vice President of EOQ (European Organization for Quality). Several years I have been the member of The International Quality Professionals Guild, the Honorary Fellow member of the Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan (2005) and from 2016 the Lifelong Honorary Member of the Croatian Quality Managers Society. I have country experiences from more than 40 different countries related to the professional quality management linked activities.

I am a member of several professional societies, incl. Finnish Society for Quality, Finnish Association of Electrotechnical Engineers, Finnish Information Processing Association, and Society of Signals Officers.

I have a lot of publications including contributions in professional periodicals, conferences, seminars, etc in the fields telecommunications, quality / reliability, and information security. I was the Chairman of the technical programme committee of EOQ'93 Helsinki World Quality Congress sponsored by EOQ, ASQ, JUSE and IAQ.

After retiring from Sonera Corporation from the position of Vice President Quality Integration in 2003 I have been an independent international expert, Venture Knowledgist (*) Quality Integration, acting in my national and international professional networks, lecturing at several universities, including Helsinki Technical University (Master of Quality Programme), Universite de Fribourg (iimt, Executive education), Switzerland (2004-2011), University of Oulu, and University of Lapland, Rovaniemi Finland, acting as a Visiting Researcher at Aalto University (School of Science), Helsinki, and helping selected business, public, and voluntary organizations in their development of quality management. I have also been as a member or a chairman in the boards of a few small high tech companies.

Today I am working with concrete domestic and international cases of the quality management/integration in a broad sense, e.g. covering the following actual topics:
1. Quality of strategic management in different kinds of organizations
2. Quality management in networked environments (e-business)
3. Quality management and tacit knowledge, e.g. collaborative organizational learning ("e-learning")
4. Regional quality, i.e. quality in territories with multi-actor clusters of organizations
5. Information security management
6. Management of business crises
7. Innovation management
8. Education management

Additionally I have also worked with more traditional QM and QA questions. I am continuously working with large global networks of experts and actors from quality and other specialized disciplines.

I have been awarded with:
- The Golden Medal for Life's Work from the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland
- Signals' Organization Cross of Merit from the Signals' Guild
- Military Merit Medal from the Chief of Defense of Finland
- The Golden Medal from the Finnish Society for Quality
- Yoshio Kondo Prize from the International Academy for Quality (IAQ)
- The Founders Medal from the International Academy for Quality (IAQ)

- Ivan Ilyin
Medal from the Russian Organization for Quality (ROQ)
- The PLAQUETTE from the Croatian Quality Managers Society

See also my profiles in LinkedIn
and ecademy networks.

(*) " In the venture survey ... many ... reported they had considered raising "knowledge investment" - not mere capital investment. ... We might call these knowledge investors "knowledgists" as opposed to capital investors or capitalists. ... The ones who had successfully raised "knowledge investment" from fellow-entrepeneurs had following arguments:
- "They invest brains and experience, the value of which is hard to evaluate in dollar terms."
- "Money - per se - is less meaningful than knowledge on how to spend it."
- "Contacts and doors opened shape a firm's future more than mere dollars on the balance sheet.
... While (monetary) capital has no personality, knowledge comes "attached to such a thing." "

(Ref.: M Seppä, T Rasila: The V2C phenomenon: Pushing ventures to capital, e-Business research forum eBRF, Tampere 2001)

It is, in general, natural that a venture knowledgist appreciates free and open contents of information in expert communications.


Juhani Anttila