Juhani Anttila
Venture Knowledgist Quality Integration
Helsinki, Finland



General on the topic

ISO 9000 standards are most well known and recognized reference documents for a professional quality approach in companies and also other kinds of organizations all over the world. Today every business organization should take them into account when planning and executing business actions. In 2000 the third version of the standards ISO 9000:2000 was published and it is an important discussion agenda in many business connections all over the world. Work for the fouth 2008 version of the standards is in progress.

Participation: Business managers and experts.

Time: One day from 9.00 to 16.00 o´clock
Place: As agreed
Instructor: Juhani Anttila, Venture Knowlegist Quality Integration
Language: Finnish or English

The ISO 9000 standards family will be considered in the training session in general and if needed from an organization’s business point of view. There will be an innovative approach in understanding the possibilities of the standards.

Agenda items of the session:

1. Innovative ISO 9000 integration
2. ISO 9000 as a managerial reference model
3. Development history and future of ISO 9000
4. ISO 9000 purpose, scope and structure
5. Basic concepts and principles
6. Quality management system
7. Management responsibility
8. ISO 9000 process approach, QM/QA elements and their realization
9. ISO 9000 integration in modern business environments
10. Documentation
11. Quality assurance
12. Auditing and certification
13. ISO 9000 self-assessment
14. Performance improvement
15. ISO 9000 as a business challenge

Reference material:

Anttila, Vakkuri: ISO 9000 for the creative leader, Sonera 2001
ISO: Standards ISO 9000, ISO 9004, and ISO 9001, Geneve 2000 and drafts for the ISO 9000:2008 standards

Training can be carried out as to needs. Appropriate modifications in timing and contents of the training may be possible. Also practical team or individual exercises may be included.