Juhani Anttila
Venture Knowledgist Quality Integration
Helsinki, Finland




Business systems consist of interrelated processes and business structures. Performance of the processes is of the greatest strategic and operational importance in affecting organizations’ business results, competitiveness, and sustained success.

Process management concepts are discussed in a business minded way, and a holistic approach to business processes and their management focusing especially on people aspects is presented in this paper. A critical issue for process performance and process management is the behavior of individual human performers, both employees and managers, and how they understand the overall aims and their roles in the process scope within the larger business context they are involved in.

The approach of this paper is business pragmatism combined with relevant academic studies based on the authors’ long-term experience both as business and standardization practitioners, and involvement with academic research. Practical results are grounded in the ontological and epistemological foundation, and linked with business reality.

[This text was prepared together with Kari Jussila, and presented at the EOQ Congress in Tallinn, Estonia in 2013. Presentation slides]