Juhani Anttila, M.Sc (El. Eng.)
International Academician for Quality
Venture Knowledgist, Quality Integration

Mr. Anttila has over 50 years of experience in quality related assignments, including 35 years at Telecom Finland (later Sonera Corporation) in various positions, such as Vice President of Quality Integration for more than 10 years. He has involved several decades with international and national standardization of quality, reliability, information security and telecommunications, for instance as a member of the ISO 9000 standardization (ISO TC 176) from the beginning. Many years he was as a Assembly Representative and Vice President of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). Mr. Anttila is the International Academician for Quality (Member of the International Academy for Quality, IAQ) and a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Academy in 2012-2014. He also is the Honorary Member of the Finnish Society for Quality and the Croatian Quality Managers Society.
Mr. Anttila was the founder and developer of the Finnish National Quality Award, developer and assessor of the European Quality Award.
Mr. Anttila has been the board member or chairman in some SMEs. He has been senior adviser for several organizations in quality management, dependability management, information security management, crisis management and social media, a lecturer in universities and educational institutes, and expert in projects in some developing countries. He has contributed by writings, lectures, and speeches globally on five continents.

Juhani Anttila
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