Juhani Anttila
Venture Knowledgist Quality Integration
Helsinki, Finland




In this workbook we want to give an overview how to create financial value in the firms’ global operations. This helps managers raise relevant questions on enhancing financial performance of their organization. This workbook is intended to be an easy to read, yet informative source for practitioners dealing with global operations, and as such this workbook is not following all rigorous academic formalities.Operations networks have a substantial impact on the financial performance of the firm. The financial performance is the core of the firm´s performance that forms sustained foundation for the firm´s overall growth. However the quantification and dynamics of the firm´s performance and understanding their relationship with the firm’s profitability are tough but rewarding tasks.

The operations networks are embedded in the ecosystem, which consists of different players who have varied interests caused by their own business needs. This means that a multitude of standpoints have to be considered when making decisions related to the firm´s own operations network.By offering appropriate concepts, principles and tools, we can help managers understand financial performance of their own working environments better.

[This publication was made by Kari Jussila, Juhani Anttila and& Michael Gylling at Aalto University School of Science, BIT Research Centre, in 2012. Here is the link to the publication.]